Acne Vulgaris Treatment in Ayurveda

Acne vulgaris in ayurveda is termed as yuvanpidika commonly noted in adolescent age in many people across the globe.

Cause for Acne According to Ayurveda

  • Improper diet
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Faulty eating habits
  • Consuming food at a very short intervals
  • Consuming fish and milk or milk and curd
  • More sexual desires can also cause acne
  • Irregular or delayed periods in women can cause acne

Home remedies for acne vulgaris
  • By applying a paste of fresh fenugreek leaves and water on the face at night and washing it in the morning can cure acne.
  • A mixture of limejuice with one portion of rose water to be applied on the pimples and washed after half an hour
  • Grounded drumstick leaves with one part of lime juice for applying on affected areas
  • Raw papaya juice made along with the skin should be applied to the affected place to pimples are more painful.
  • Ripe tomato pulp can be applied to face and washed after 15 minutes
  • Wash your face with the mixture of boiled milk and lime juice, if you have developed pimples, acne, broken skin, rashes or blackheads.
  • Applying syzygiumcumini seeds with water for washing the face can help
  • By rubbing the face or affected area with peels of orange can be helpful.
  • Washing the face with buttermilk can help in reducing the acne
  • Combination of flour of chickpea with 10 gms of turmeric, and curd mixture to be used for massaging on pimples to reduce them.